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Exclusive: BOLD Business Supporter

Mar 23, 2023

You make all decisions with imperfect information, which can lead to any number of scenarios: walking right into a blind spot, missing a key point of view, or maybe even downplaying risk. Geneve Huxley, Founder and CEO at Huxley CPA Consulting, talks about the challenges companies face and how to use your finance intel to face them.

Growth can mean so many things, with more possibilities than anyone could ever think up. Make sure you have a peer group — from a mastermind to a board of directors — whom you can both talk with in general, and are confident in consulting when an expert may be useful to navigate part of your growth path. The clarity of and commitment to your initiatives determines success.

In this program you will hear about keeping track of what is most important, the three levers you can use to maximize the impact of your decisions, and making decisions about what you want from your business. Remember that your business strategy is about the long game — growing and thriving profitably — as you face each new challenge and opportunity. Jess Dewell talks with Geneve Huxley, Founder and CEO, Huxley CPA Consulting, about the benefits of leveraging financial performance to make good decisions.