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Exclusive: BOLD Business Supporter

Mar 9, 2023

More than just influencing outcomes, how you make decisions impacts your next step, your relationships, and also tests your values. Leaning into your personality and strengths, recognizing your weaknesses as a leader — all inform how, when, and what you do when showing up for your company and employees. Bew White, Executive Chairman at Summer Classics/Gabby, shares insights about the impact of business decisions.

The more you actively seek out information and ask questions, the more you will be able to sense the difference between fads and trends. Such knowledge gleaned from experience as well as analysis is important to the way you choose the right opportunities for your business.

In this show, you will learn how to recognize if you are taking enough risks. This will include three vital steps to handling mistakes; what it is like to know you are ready to give up everything to take big action; and three key areas to watch to prevent your business from failing. Jess Dewell talks with Bew White, Executive Chairman at Summer Classics/Gabby, about how the best experiences can be hard and messy, yet worth it.