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Exclusive: BOLD Business Supporter

Sep 7, 2023

All you need are the right words that reach the right people at the right time. Easy, right? Yes, when you’re able to provide the time for discovery and development when creating marketing message and stories. Your customers are savvy, and to claim a spot in their crowded brain space requires diligence in order to maintain objectivity. Mark Carpenter, Chief Storyteller and John Gumas, CEO of Gumas, discuss how to effectively adapt sales and marketing strategies to changing customer preferences.


It is time to acknowledge you may be working in a silo, telling your existing and potential customers — instead of showing them — how your product helps save time and money as well as improve their overall business. The indirect work of demonstration allows the discovery and challenge of assumptions, as well as the thoughtful observation of emotion (or lack of) when people are presented with your brand.


In this program, you will hear how important it is to prioritize time to discover, in today’s marketplace, how you are different — and the words needed to drive action. You also will find out the practical ways our panelists utilize their time and foster curiosity. Jess Dewell hosts Mark Carpenter, Chief Storyteller and John Gumas, CEO of Gumas, to talk about why it is BOLD to adapt sales and marketing efforts to changing customer behaviors.