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Exclusive: BOLD Business Supporter

Mar 24, 2022

How do we make more time to do the right work, right now?

Start with these three elements: your Present Retreat™, one 24+month initiative, and to recognize when productivity optimization has become busy work. The reality of the world you and your teams inhabit influences the ability of the business to be productive. There’s always the danger of falling into the trap where our lives outside of work direct the work we do.

With small tweaks, you can provide clarity, hold the direction, and guide the planned and unplanned work. Shift to the next level of productivity by changing your thoughts and actions about strategy. Listen to how your selected initiatives can create momentum to stay moving in the right direction and achieve successes along the way. Jess Dewell, your host of BOLD Business Podcast, shares results from the 2022 Business Management Report and what you can do right now to optimize your results.