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Exclusive: BOLD Business Supporter

Jul 28, 2022

Small, meaningful conversations use existing hope for a greater positive impact on your future. Houda Elyazgi, Chief Client Officer at Saxum, is passionate about taking the time to care and to fully allow yourself and others to have the chance to show up in purposeful conversation.

The veil of separation of work life and non-work life has been removed. You now faced how all parts of life impact your ability to show up in everyday and uniquely challenging situations. Breaking down barriers never happens in ideal moments; however, you can still make the most of each interaction when you have hope and intention — regardless of what else is happening around you. There are new skills required to build lasting relationships today.

You will hear about prompts to evaluate what holds you back, prompts to assess overwhelm, and the fact that people require effort and time to build trust. A commitment to being actively engaged; to keeping your hope during uncertain times; and to meeting people where they are — all these can help you embrace and use what is present to work together on the current set of priorities. Jess Dewell talks with Houda Elyazgi, Chief Client Officer at Saxum, about how we all will stumble as we build empathy.