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Exclusive: BOLD Business Supporter

Mar 31, 2022

Want more time in your day? Achieving this goal is possible when you’re focusing on the right work; designing a process to ensure you’re doing the right work; and then making sure there is time to do the work. Listen in as Emily Morgan, Founder and CEO of Delegate Solutions, discusses how to create more freedom in your day and workplace.

Repeating success comes from an inner confidence. That involves knowing that you have a clear finish line, and are able to communicate; hold accountability to; and problem solve as a team along the way to reaching that goal. The biggest impact we can make is understanding (and then choosing) the right work on which to focus, and making sure the right people are doing those tasks … we must also create the time and energy for the work that we ourselves, as leaders, must also do. Host Jess Dewell talks with Emily Morgan, Founder and CEO of Delegate Solutions, about how to shift your thinking to achieve more.