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Exclusive: BOLD Business Supporter

Aug 11, 2022

Deeply related to business success today, your ability to flex and adapt is more important than ever. In addition, compassion can be interwoven into thriving businesses. To tap into resilience, you must go beyond acknowledging someone else’s hardship and attempt to understand the whats and whys of their experience to intentionally choose how to show up for yourself, your business, and the other person too. David Shriner-Cahn, Smashing the Plateau Community Builder and Podcaster, shares about how to build your confidence through intentional action.

Among the most difficult organizational tasks are remaining confident through the length of time it takes to build your business; breaking through to the next level of growth; or even sticking to a plan that spans two years or more. There may be lackluster results in some of the short-term initiatives, yet the completion of those milestones is what builds the success of your long-term initiatives.

As you take on bigger goals with bigger risks, community becomes ever more important, even as it becomes hard to know how the results of today actually impact the future outcomes, as well as what is missing from the plans made. Challenge yourself to listen closely to this program and take away one thing you can start doing now that will help you remain compassionate while growing your business. Jess Dewell welcomes David Shriner-Cahn, Smashing the Plateau Community Builder and Podcaster, to discuss how businesses can thrive with compassionate and empathetic leadership.