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Exclusive: BOLD Business Supporter

Jul 21, 2022

Growth happens in sprints. Defining the beginning, middle, and end of a business growth sprint is necessary for the wellness of you and your team. Sri Chellappa, President at, shares with us how he has prioritized personal performance to lead a high-growth technology company.

Mental sharpness is important to participate in and lead high-performance teams. Recognizing what resources are needed to build and grow a high-performance team requires clarity of purpose, navigating uncertainty, and being open to new ideas. To do this well, you must know exactly where you are operating - if it is 40%, ok. If it is 70%, ok. If it is 100%, ok. It is up to you to figure out what influenced your operating capacity and remove what rescues your energy while repeating what rejuvenates and maintains your wellness. This commitment to yourself ensures that you can tune in more quickly to unexpected behaviors and changes in processes.

Three of the many takeaways in this program are 1. your energy matters for your business success, 2. why high capacity is needed to navigate uncertainty, and 3. how to do less to achieve more results by having more intention. Jess Dewell talks with Sri Chellappa, President at, about how success only happens when you prioritize your health and personal performance.